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From the desk of G&D Marketing
Date :

Dear Fellow Marketer:

I want to share some valuable things I have in my arsenal.

I started my career as a computer programmer on 1998. I was hired as a computer programming teacher from 2 different colleges here in the Philippines. I spend almost 12 hours a day in the school for my full time teaching job. I did the same routine for almost 5 years, go to school every day, teach for almost 12 hours a day with minimal earnings. Until, I decided to leave my daily work in early 2003. I wanted to find ways on how to make money without spending too much time on the job and have more time with my family.

I started to search opportunities on the net. I've tried a lot of things mentioned on the net, which promises a huge income for me. But I never make a single cent for the whole 1 year. Until one day in January 2004, I had found a webmaster forum, where members were selling their electronic goods. At that time, I had a recipe collection that is organized in Microsoft Excel. What I did is, I tried to sell the said collection at the forum, and boy, I got 5 orders on the same day I posted.

Since then I decided to create my own electronic products, create websites and sell them. I also spend thousands of dollars buying electronic products with reseller rights and sell them multiple times. Today, I am making not less than $10,000 a month just selling my scripts, database collections, and other e-products that I bought from other online marketers that have reseller rights.

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