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Q. How can I get all these great turnkey products?

A. To get all these products for free you need to become member of this site. After signing , login to your account and there you can download all the products you want free.

Q. How much it cost to become member of

A. You have two options, Free member or $2.50 monthly subscription .

Q. When membership price increases, is old membership affected?

A. No. Old members will pay the membership fee during their enrollment.

Q. Where can I pay?

A. We are using paypal to accept payment.

Q. After sending my payment how long before my account activated?

A. Auto-access is implemented to the site, but there are cases that we need to manually approve your account., it takes 2-10 hours if manually approved.

Q. Can I reproduce these products and resell them?

A. Yes and No. There are products included in this site that you can't resell but you can use them for personal use to make money from them.

Q. I can't login to my account, why?

A. This site requires cookies enabled , so be sure that your browser cookies are enabled when you're using this site.

Q. Where to get help if I have more questions or I need some support?

A. You can use the forum to post your concerns...

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. Due to the electronic nature of our products, refunds for services rendered will not be refunded.


DISCLAIMER! SORRY! Due to these products being digital downloads, there are no refunds.
We do not guarantee that everyone will have the same results.
Thank You. G&D & Marketing

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