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The Greatest Marketing Secrets of the Ages

by: Yanik Silver

Hendricks says, "... here is everything that is included:

- The one marketing secret that you can depend on each and every time you make an offer

- The very effective technique used in an ad that ran for 40 years, without other comparison test ads beating its sales-pulling power

- The simple ad formula that produced a quick 349% return

- The sales strategy that makes profits for you every month, over and over and over again

- How a simple change of wording increased response almost 40%
- 2 phrases you can use to easily engage your prospect into a buying mode

- How to use a special testing technique to increase the sales of your products and services by 300% or more

- How to use one of the most effective ways to position your product or service as the best choice to buy - even in a crowded and competitive marketplace

- The secret of using successful letters and ads to model for your own profitable success".

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